As an Elite Athlete & Everyday Human Being


my daily adventures...

Me trying to balance that athlete, stude

I'm a South African

Elite Athlete with two World Championship Medals to my name just taking on life one day at a time and the balancing act of being an athlete, student and graphic designer.

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I have always had a passion for the outdoors. Rooted from my native South African heritage where my family exposed me to pure and untouched lands. From mountain peaks to coastal paradises.

This land's beauty shaped my love for nature and so began my journey of swimming, cycling and running in the most beautiful places where I grew up.

Pretty early on in life I had a desire to compete and started achieving.

First as a swimmer and then as a cyclist and runner.


Competing in all three sports separately as well as many others at a very high level. It only made sense to combine them into triathlon racing too. From school level, to national and eventually international. I am so grateful for the places sport has taken me and for its lesson on the importance of hard work and discipline. 

I am honoured to have a Silver and Bronze World Championship Medal to my name from these experiences.

I am a recent graduate of Florida Atlantic University where I was competing for the Track Running Team and studied a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design.

After many years of thriving off multisport racing I recently decided to focus my energies on Track Running and I am both excited and nervous to see what I can achieve with this new goal in life.

My path thereafter is not set out completely yet but my ultimate goal is to become a professional athlete and successful designer as I transition from being a student athlete.

To chase my dreams and live a life of passion is my ultimate goal.